17. International TCM Congress - review

The TAO Congress, the Austrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture and TCM, took place in Graz – Austria  from 24 – 26 September 2020 under the motto “Stress & Lifestyle Diseases and the Liver-Wood Functional Cycle”.


For the first time we were present at the TAO Congress with an exhibition stand, to take the opportunity and to provide information about our field of work and our mission to a circle of experts .

Thanks for letting us be part of it!

IMEDIS Center of Intellectual Medical Systems – a pool of experience over decades

Lecture at the Interdisciplinary Medical Congress for Naturopathy (Dr. Gotovskiy; Center of Intellectual Medical Systems, Moscow)

In October 2018 the first congress of the International Society of Naturopathy and the XXII Interdisciplinary Medical Congress of Naturopathy took place in Šamorín – Čilistov. The congress was a first-class scientific and educational event for all doctors and specialists in the field of naturopathy. This year the congress focused on conceptual and methodological issues. There was also a symposium on music therapy and human health, science, practice and education.

IMEDIS Journal – Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine – a medical journal, designed for experts in the field of acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, osteopathy, natural therapy, bio-resonance therapy, manual therapy, traditional diagnostics, traditional medicine, traditional systems of healing.

At the same time, the magazine “Traditional medicine” is open to a wide range of readers who can find in its recommendations on the application of methods of acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, osteopathy, herbal medicine, natural therapy for the purpose of self-help and mutual aid.

Currently the journal is available only in Russian language with English topic summaries.
If you are interested in (partial) translations of certain articles, please get in touch with us!

Medical rehabilitation using the methods of electroacupuncture diagnostics (electroacupuncture-vegetative resonance test) and bioresonance therapy

M.Ju.Gotovsky; Center for Intellectual Medical Systems (Moscow)

Electromagnetic fields as control elements in biological objects and their role in the healing mechanism of bioresonance therapy

M.Ju.Gotovsky, Yu.F. Perov; Center for Intellectual Medical Systems (Moscow)

Application of the IMEDIS system in medical practice – a user report of a holistic physician

Dr. Diether Ribitsch – Specialist for anaesthesia and intensive care

Bad Mitterndorf 98, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf (Austria)



An overview, example and report of an electro-acupuncture diagnosis according to the method of Dr. R.Voll (EAV), the vegetative resonance test and the segmental diagnosis by means of the “IMEDIS-Expert-Software”.

IMEDIS Book - Bioresonanz Therapie

Bioresonanz Therapie

Book – Bioresonanz Therapie (German) M.Y.Gotovskiy, Y.F.Perov, L.V.Chernitsova

Basic reading for IMEDIS therapists (German translation of the Russian standard work) – ISBN 978-5-87359-104-6

IMEDIS Book - Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy

Book – Bioresonance Therapy (English) M.Y.Gotovskiy, Y.F.Perov, L.V.Chernitsova

Basic reading for IMEDIS therapists (English translation of the Russian standard work) – ISBN 978-5-87359-090-2

Electroacupuncture and Biophysical Information Therapy

An overview of the IMEDIS methodology and equipment of the Center for Intellectual Medical Systems – IMEDIS