IPP - Foundation and Development

Peter Peutler (Ing., M.A.) has founded his company in 2003, after three years of maternity leave due to a personal health issue. The IMEDIS method was playing a key role in his recovery process.

Peter’s declared goal when founding his company was to further spread the IMEDIS method and the applicable scientific and holistic approach. His more than 22 years of industrial experience in the areas of production, product development, application technology and customer support for scientific measuring instruments gave a solid basis for his project.

Initially, the focus exclusively was on supporting a few local IMEDIS users with questions about the device software. However, due to legal requirements, soon it became necessary to typify and certify the IMEDIS devices for the legal use in the European Union. After successfully completing the first certification of the IMEDIS-EXPERT, IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler became the official and authorized EU representative of center IMEDIS.

With growing demands, the company continued to develop consistently and today also offers trainings in English language and has been the official “IMEDIS Service Point” since 2018 to provide users with best support in all service issues, such as updates, repairs, device checks and the provision of spare parts and accessories.

In the meantime, also a close cooperation exists with satisfied international users and customers.

If we are facing in the right direction,
all we have to do is
keep on walking.



Career and Achievements

IPP - 2003 bis heute / 2003 until today


IPP Foundation

Foundation of the company – “IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler” – to support IMEDIS users in Austria

Cooperation with IMEDIS Moscow

Starting the cooperation with Center IMEDIS and begin of the CE certification process of the IMEDIS devices


EU approval of the IMEDIS-EXPERT device

EU representative of center IMEDIS

IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler becomes the official and authorized EU representative of center IMEDIS


EU approval of the MINI-EXPERT-T device


EU approval of the MINI-EXPERT-DT

First IMEDIS “TechDAY”

First “TechDAY” for IMEDIS users with guest speaker Dr. M.Gotovskiy (IMEDIS Moscow)

IMEDIS Conference

First visit to the International Conference “Theoretical and clinical aspects of the application of bio- and multi-resonance therapy” in Moscow

Company reorganization

Company reorganization into IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler GmbH

First international IMEDIS Course

“First international IMEDIS Course” in Graz Austria for IMEDIS practitioners (in English language with lecturers from Center IMEDIS, Moscow)

IMEDIS Symposium

IMEDIS symposium with exhibition in Austria to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Prof. Y.V. Gotovskiy

IMEDIS-Service Point

IPP becomes official “IMEDIS service point”

IMEDIS Conference

IPP presentation at the annual IMEDIS conference in Moscow

IMEDIS Wellnessline

Introduction of the new “IMEDIS Wellnessline” in the European Union