Imedis Service Point Grafik

Our know-how for your benefit

You need a spare part? You have a service request? You require remote support? Your device needs to be updated, is defective or require a safety check-up? The IMEDIS Service Point will be happy to be at your service whenever we can! Here you get fast and professional support.

Your service request

You have questions about your device? You have another question? Please fill in the following form “Name” and “Email address” and let us know your concerns. To answer your request as quickly and precisely as possible, for technical issues please send us a completed service / malfunction report and possibly upload photos of the device and the problem (front, back, bottom with serial number, any details). You can upload 4 files maximum (max. 5MB). Accepted formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, CF.

    I do accept that my data will be processed to answer the request based on the data protection declaration.

    Remote support

    You meight receive remote support for your concerns – quickly and directly on site.

    By means of “TeamViewer” secure remote access to your desktop is possible for remote support. Ensure the following requirements:

    • Notebook / desktop computer to be accessed must have an active connection to the Internet
    • “TeamViewer” must be started on your notebook / desktop computer (no permanent installation required!)

    To start “TeamViewer” please proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the “Using TeamViewer for Remote Support” icon
    2. Download the offered file and save it in a location of your choice (e.g. desktop)
    3. Start “TeamViewer” by double-clicking and follow the instructions on the screen
    4. If you are connected to the internet, “TeamViewer” will display your individual ID and a password; you must forward this to us.


    Phone: +43 316-286159
    Mobile: +43 664-4017103

    E-mail: office [at]

    Update / Service / Recurrent Safety Check-up

    Would you like to update the device software? Your device is defective or needs a safety check-up? To ensure that your equipment reach us quickly and safely, you can choose between the following 2 options:

    Personal visit to the IMEDIS Service Point
    Just bring your equipment in person. Please make an appointment considering our opening hours!

    IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler GmbH – IMEDIS Service Point
    Gemeindeweg 5, A-8054 Seiersberg-Pirka

    Phone: +43 316-286159, Mobile: +43 664-4017103

    Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and appointments by arrangement.

    Shipping your equipment
    You may fill out a return form in advance and submit it together with the service / malfunction report and the equipment. Please proceed as follows:

    Step 1: generate the RMA number
    Please fill in “Name” and “Email address” in the following form and press the “Generate RMA” button. You will receive an automatically generated email with your RMA number, which is assigned to your repair / service case.

    Please write this RMA number on your return form, service / malfunction report and on the outer packaging of the shipment!

      Generate RMA

      I do accept that my data will be processed to answer the request based on the data protection declaration.

      Step 2: fill out the return form and service / malfunction report
      Please fill out the form(s), print it and attach it with the shipment of the items. So, we have all the information necessary to process your request as soon as possible. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us.

      Step 3: shipping your equipment
      Send your equipment including the completed return form and service / error report in a suitable packaging to IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler GmbH IMEDIS Service Point | Gemeindeweg 5 | 8054 Seiersberg-Pirka, Austria.

      Please make sure that everything is safely packed and that the package is also transport insured! Please note our packaging instructions!

      In the course of the check-up, all functions and all safety-relevant parameters of the device and the available accessories are checked and recorded in a protocol, which must be kept by the operator! According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the device firmware will be updated if outdated. If we discover any deficiencies in the course of the inspection that need to be fixed, we will get in touch with you before performing the work!

      For a complete check-up we need your device including all accessories (and notebook, if applicable)!

      If the device is defective or there is any problem you are aware of, please enclose an error report!

      For the device repair, maintenance and updates, it might be that devices with built-in data storage or other data storage devices are temporarily handed over to us by the client (responsible person). Private or sensitive data might be stored on these data storage. Basically, this data is neither processed nor passed on to any third parties, not even in part, by IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler GmbH.

      For the proper functioning and operation of the device however, it may be necessary to process data on the data storage provided.