Our philosophy - uniqueness

The diversity in nature is unique. And that’s why every living being is just as unique. This applies to the depths of its cells and atoms.

All life is vibration. And that’s why every living being has its own personal and individual vibration, or a mixture of harmonic and disharmonious vibrations. One speaks of a vibration spectrum. So it makes sense to take a closer look at the vibration spectrum of living systems.

This is where the bioresonance method and dealing with vibrations come into play. In therapeutic work with bioresonance, it is therefore just consistent and logical to first record and analyze the individual vibration spectrum of a person and to draw conclusions about the current condition. This is the basis for all further steps.

Bioresonance - what is it?

Bioresonance or bioresonance therapy is a complementary treatment method. Instead of suppressing symptoms of illnesses, the work with bioresonance is focused on finding the causes of complaints. It is understandable that many people are attracted to bioresonance for this reason. Many physicians, naturopaths and therapists therefore successfully offer bioresonance as a complementary method in their work.

How does bioresonance work?

In bioresonance, the client’s energetic state is the basis for analysis, diagnosis and therapy. Every living being consists of atoms, which in turn are composed of protons (positive charge) and electrons (negative charge). They follow physical principles, such as the laws of electromagnetism or quantum mechanics. Since all life is vibration, the body’s own vibrations can be recorded and analyzed. An IMEDIS device records the vibrations and energy flows, detects possible blockages, and sends correction signals.

This method enables the organism to be viewed in its entirety. In the event of deviations from an ideal state, selected pulses are returned to the body in order to stimulate and harmonize the energy flows. This treatment is holistic and aims at the balance of energy balance in the body.

Bioresonance diagnose

Bioresonance is a part of biophysics and, like acupuncture or homeopathy, it belongs to the field of complementary medicine. Like other complementary methods, it can be a very useful addition to conventional medicine. Bioresonance diagnostics are a way for doctors and therapists to determine the underlying causes of a person’s complaints. And this is completely painless and without side effects.

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Bioresonance - mode of action and application

Many people today want gentle, effective healing methods that are sustainable and in harmony with natural processes in the body.

More and more patients are increasingly dissatisfied with pure conventional medical therapies for acute as well as for chronic diseases. Therefore, many are looking for help in complementary medicine either entirely or at least alongside classical therapy. One remembers the healing powers of plants and the mechanisms of action of natural healing methods.

Basic concept of bioresonance

Bioresonance is a complementary test, stimulation and harmonization procedure that aims to strengthen the body’s ability for regulation and self-healing.

A certain level and a harmonious distribution of life energy are a basic requirement for performance, balance and health. Bioresonance is based on the findings of modern physics and biophysics, which state that every living being emits a low-energy electromagnetic vibration spectrum. The spectrum of these electromagnetic vibrations contains all information about the current course of all body and organ functions and thus also about whether these are within the normal range (harmonious / disharmonious – physiological / pathological).

In bioresonance, this vibration spectrum is taken from the body and processed in the bioresonance device. The harmonic vibration patterns are strengthened while the disharmonious vibration patterns are weakened. This process is carried out in several cycles in the course of a treatment, so that ideally there is a harmonious state of vibration at the end of a session.

The self-healing powers of certain organs as well as organ- and vascular-systems can be additionally stimulated by adding specific vibration patterns during energy balancing – such as external electrical, magnetic and light pulses.

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Bioresonance procedure

Testing: During the bioresonance test, the electromagnetic vibrations of the patient are detected and “compared” with the known vibrations of countless substances patterns. This happens at the digital information level. The IMEDIS device can differentiate between “positive” and “negative” or ” harmonic” and ” disharmonious ” vibrations. Detecting negative vibrations is the basis for the next step.

Stimulation: If disharmonious vibrations are detected, harmonic vibrations can be applied, a so-called stimulation. External correction signals (electrical, magnetic or light pulses) are sent to a patient’s body by the IMEDIS device. The signals supplied by the IMEDIS device weaken the influence of disorders and at the same time stimulate the organism to self-healing. Bioresonance affects the client’s body in that its natural self-healing powers are activated.

Harmonization: One speaks of a harmonization process in bioresonance when the body’s own resources are redistributed. For example, the IMEDIS-BRT-A Wellness device or the IMEDIS-EXPERT Wellness device feedback the body own vibrations without the need to access signals from outside.

Bioresonance falls into the field of complementary and experience medicine. The bioresonance method is not yet recognized in traditional orthodox medicine. Nevertheless, many physicians, naturopaths and patients report very good results with this method.

The IMEDIS devices provide a variety of different test, stimulation and harmonization programs. Each IMEDIS device with its specific functions is the perfect partner for you as a physician, therapist or home user for the respective situation.

When bioresonance is useful?

Supplementary support in the following typical areas of application :

  • Allergy, such as acute and chronic allergic symptoms (e.g. as rashes or hay fever)
  • Acute and chronic inflammation (e.g. gastric mucosa, small or large intestine)
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Problems of the respiratory tract and lungs
  • Chronic fatigue and sleep disorders
  • Skin problems
  • Immune strengthening
  • Headache
  • Suffering from the internal organs
  • Problems in the tooth and jaw area
  • Rheumatic problems
  • All kinds of pain

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