The following updates are available:

08. MAY 2023

  • IMEDIS-EXPERT Software – IMSWD 7, Version 7.81.1
  • Selector-Update SEL 35-2023 (XXIX IMEDIS Conference 2023)

Changes and new features in the software:

• Support of selector 35 (2023)

• new test window – according to basics of A.Rouy

• .PLS – frequency files are now supported similar to the already existing .MLS – preparation files

• the software is now widely resistant to problems with the computer’s sleep mode

• the key combination CTRL + Z deletes the last record in the global report

• the parameters pulse, arterial blood pressure, height and weight are queried before the start of a new visit; these data are included in statistical evaluations

• the wavelengths of the different colors have been added to the color selection in color therapy

• in BAP measurement, measured values are not saved as valid BAP values when VRT mode is active

Please also consider that the manufacturer specifies a recurrent safety checkup inspection of the device and accessories every 2 years!

Please get in touch with us to make an appointment for update of your device!