The original - and how it came about

Already in the early 80th Y.V.Gotovskiy starts developing the first devices for the electroacupuncture and biophysical information-therapy (BIT, EAV, etc.). He is inspired by nature and his great desire is to cure suffering of people.

At the forefront of the biophysical information-therapy the “Center IMEDIS”, founded by Prof. Y.V.Gotovskiy in 1993, has always been fueled by a passion for innovation and its close-knit contact with the scientific community. The center is joined with the faculty of “systems and cybernetics” at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Today’s IMEDIS devices in conjunction with the well approved application methods, embody decades of know-how. This continuously growing knowledge at the cutting edge of developments forms the basis for solid and high-quality products. From the very beginning, Y.V.Gotovskiy is accompanied by a strong team of specialists from the fields of medicine, computer science, cybernetics, physics, mathematics and others.

Openness towards users’ requirements and attention to new trends are the source of new ideas which meet the needs of practitioners and specialists.

The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it
armed with self confidence and good humour.

Charles Dickens

Due to their reliable design and its wide range of possibilities the devices of IMEDIS are very popular in clinical centers, medical and therapeutic practices, SPA centers, for prevention and in R&D. The devices are open also to be used by private persons, for complementary home-treatment, according to prescription and under supervision of a physician or health-practitioner.

The universality of IMEDIS devices also opens up new insights and opportunities in the areas of coaching, business consulting, veterinary medicine, agriculture and in the life-space optimization.

Formation of a team for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, by Prof. Y.V.Gotovskiy - forerunner of the Center "IMEDIS". 1989
1990 Small series production of the "MINI-EXPERT" for diagnostics and therapy using the R.VOLL method.
Foundation of the Center for Intellectual Medical Systems "IMEDIS". 1993 Start of production of a series of devices for bioresonance therapy.
"IMEDIS-BRT" is approved for medical practice by the Russian Ministry of Health. 1994 Start of production of the IMEDIS-VOLL series.
1st International Conference - "Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of the Application of Bio- and Multiresonance Therapy" - at the House of scientists of Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. 1995
""Exogenous Bioresonance Therapy" (multiresonance therapy) is defined as a technical term. 1997 Implementation of the "Vegetative Resonance Test" (VRT) as a diagnostic method in the devices of the IMEDIS product-family.
Approval of the "R.Voll method" by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. 1999
Recognition of "Bioresonance Therapy" and the "Vegetative Resonance Test" (VRT) by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. 2000
2001 Development of the "preparation selector" and presentation of the "Mini-Expert-CT" device for color-therapy.
2003 A modified method of the Vegetative Resonance Test (VRT +) is presented.
2008 A new generation of the "Mini-Expert-DT" with built-in preparation selector is presented.
2010 A new generation of the "Mini-Expert-T" is presented.
2015 4th generation of the "IMEDIS-EXPERT" is presented.
2018 3rd generation of "MINI-EXPERT-DT" and "MINI-EXPERT-D" - expansion with VRT +.
XXV. International Conference - a quarter of a century dedicated to health. 2019
2020 Market launch of the IMEDIS Wellness line in the European Union.