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We are official and authorized representative of "IMEDIS - Center for Intellectual Medical Systems" (Moscow) in the European Community. The content of this website is intened for the circle of experts only!

Our product range covers the follwing products:

IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T
IMEDIS Mini-Expert-DT
IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T

General information about IMEDIS-products:

The development of the IMEDIS-method and the IMEDIS-systems is the result of more than 25-years of scientific research work and just so long practical experience at the "Center of Intellectual Medical Systems - IMEDIS" in Moscow Technical University under the leadership of Prof. Y. Gotowsky (†) - chairman of the faculty "cybernetic systems ".

Because of EC-regulations and standards, regarding electrical safety, IMEDIS-systems - IMEDIS Expert, Mini-Expert-DT and Mini-Expert-T - are classified to be medical products class II a.

The IMEDIS-Method and its techniques belong to the field of the so called „Energy Medicine”. All statements regarding diagnoses and therapies therefore should be understood in this context.