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is designed the for realization of adaptive bioresonance harmonization and energetic-information transfer of medical properties of preparations onto other carriers (water, physiological solution, homeopathic grains, etc.) with the opportunity to vary potency and inversion of the properties.

The apparatus "IMEDIS BRT-A" is used for

  • the realization of bioresonance harmonization (BRT) according to "Center's IMEDIS technique", which is an original method worldwide. The harmonization is conducted with electromagnetic oscillations ranging from 10 to 500,000 Hz, dependent on each individual client (patient), which are taken from surface of his/her skin, specially processed and returned to organism.
    During the harmonization the client and the apparatus form-up a closed loop of adaptive regulation. This enables the organism to use its own abilities in order to return to the physiological homeostasis. The detected frequency spectrum of pathological and physiological oscillations can be stored onto different carriers (like water or homeopathic grains, etc.) and be used in consequent harmonization;
  • the energetic-information transfer of medical properties of preparations.
    The efficiency of copies is identical to the efficiency of initial preparations, which is proved by the application in clinical practice.

Contents of delivery:

„IMEDIS BRT-A“ basic unit with built-in rechargeable battery, set of electrodes, connecting cables, container, inductor, harmonization-belt, power supply unit, instruction manual packed into a carrying case.

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