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including "IMEDIS Expert-Software" is designed for:

  • segmental bioelectric functional testing by biologically active zones (BAZ);
  • R. Voll's electropuncture testing by biologically active points (BAP);
  • "IMEDIS-TEST" vegetative resonance test (VRT), including testing of drug consumption;
  • R. Voll's electropuncture stimulation;
  • electro-, magneto-stimulation and other ...
  • preparation compatibility testing*).

*) The built-in electronic preparation selector of the device contains more than fifty thousand items of electronic simulations of homeopathic preparations, organopreparations, nosodes, and allergens.

The "Mini-Expert-DT" device also incorporates more than two thousand preset programs for induction-, resonance-frequency-, organotropic-, nosological- and symptomatic-stimulation. The apparatus enables the creation and storage of individual stimulation programs and users' groups of preparations.

The apparatus operates in the "stand alone" mode and via a PC under the control of the "IMEDIS Expert-Software". The "stand alone" operation is performed by means of the built-in multifunctional graphic display in a similar way as with the "IMEDIS Expert-Software".

The apparatus provides sound indication for searching and measuring BAP parameters.

The apparatus is powered from AC mains via a line adapter, or from four 1.2-1.5 V AA-type rechargeable batteries (not included in the standard delivery).

"IMEDIS Expert-Software"

The operation of the "IMEDIS Mini-Expert-DT" can also be realized by means of the "IMEDIS Expert-Software". The software uses an integrated data-base for the storage of client data and progress-history.
The testing results may be displayed as graphs or tables and are automatically stored; the stored data can be retrieved at any time for stimulation-control.
Specific stimulation-programs can be adapted and stored for re-use.

Contents of delivery:

„Mini-Expert-DT“ apparatus, basic accessories, power supply unit, "IMEDIS Expert-Software" and instruction manual packed into a carrying case..

Further Information:

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There is no medical claim for the clinical usefulness of the measurement data, as well as to therapeutic capabilities!



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