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Apparatus for adaptive bioresonance harmonization. Basic unit including accessories.


Apparatus for electro-, magnetic and color-stimulation. Basic unit including accessories.


IMEDIS Mini-Expert-DT

Apparatus for electropunctural testing and electro-, magnetic- and color-stimulation by BAP and BAZ computer-controlled. Basic unit, accessories including  "IMEDIS Expert-Software".

IMEDIS Expert-Software

Supports operation of all systems, organizes card-index of clients, which stores data on patient, dates of visits, history, complaints and results of check-ups. There is possibility to print results of check-up and treatment in handy text and graphic form.


The devces IMEDIS Expert, Mini-Expert-DT and Mini-Expert-T are classified to be medical devices of class II a.
EC-Verification Certificates from the European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636. [more ...]




… a synthesis of latest achievements in the field of electropunctural diagnostics and therapy, biofunctional diagnostics, bioresonance therapy and other directions of medicine.

The “IMEDIS Expert” System includes the following linked and mutually supporting moduls: diagnostic system (DS), electronic medicamental selector (EMS), bioresonance therapy (BRT) system by center "IMEDIS" technique, system of multiresonance therapy (MRT).

Diagnostic module of the „IMEDIS Expert“

1. Mode electropunctural diagnostics by R.Voll method (EAV) allows to:

  • measure electrical parameters of biologically active zones (BAZ) by R.Voll method;
  • measure electrical parameters of biologically active points (BAP) by R.Voll method (including corporal, head, chakra points);
  • automatically register measurements, performed on biologically active points;
  • perform topical, syndromical, nosological and local (determination of degree of affection of spinal column, sinuses, teeth ) diagnostics.
  • trace in form of graphs and diagrams at computer's display results of measurements and dynamics of treatment.

The Software includes reference-informative system on localization of BAP (acupuncture atlas), interconnection of BAP, organs (systems), nosologies and medicines.

2. Electropunctural diagnostics by vegetative resonance test technique (VRT "IMEDIS-TEST")

Application of special preparations stored in medicamental selector allow to determine biological age, reveal geopathogenic, electromagnetic and radioactive stresses, allergic stress, disturbance of acid-alkaline balance, insufficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, etc.

3. Segment bioelectronic functional express diagnostics

Segment diagnostics is intended for measurement of electrical parameters of body segments (left hand - left foot, left hand - head left , head left - head right, head right - right hand, right hand - right foot, right foot - left foot, right hand - left hand), interconnected with internal organs and tissues. Integral criteria are used for analysis of results, which allows to evaluate organism's condition in general by degree of stress-reaction, type of nonspecific reactivity of the organism and general tonus of vegetative nervous system.

Electronic medicamental selector

The built-in electronic medicamental selector contains more than 48 000 electronic copies of homeopathic preparations, nosodes, organopreparations, allergens, which can be connected to measurement circuit and used

  • during process of medicamental testing;
  • during electropunctural diagnostics by "IMEDIS-TEST" technique;
  • as initial forms in process of energy-information transfer of substances onto carriers (water, phys. solution, homeopathic grains) with possibility to change potency and inversion of properties.

In order to facilitate selection of medicinal preparations the software contains a repertorium and reference system on homeopathic preparations, nosodes and organopreparations available from the selector.

Bioresonance therapy

Is used for the realization of bioresonance therapy (BRT) according to "Center's IMEDIS technique", which is an original method worldwide. The therapy is conducted with electromagnetic oscillations ranging from 10 to 500,000 Hz, dependent on each individual client (patient), which are taken from surface of his/her skin, specially processed and returned to organism.

During the therapy the client and the apparatus form-up a closed loop of adaptive regulation. This enables the organism to use its own abilities in order to return to the physiological homeostasis. The detected frequency spectrum of pathological and physiological oscillations can be stored onto different carriers (like water or homeopathic grains, etc.) and be used in consequent therapy.

The software offers a great number of possibilities to vary parameters, modes and strategies of bioresonance therapy.

An extended data base on auricular, corporal and Su-Jok therapy is available, in order to select BAP for influence.

Multiresonance therapy

The module allows to:

  • carry out electrotherapy (EPT) of patient by pulses of electric current with varying frequency (from 0,01 to 100 Hz), waveform, amplitude and polarity;
  • carry out magnet-, color- and infra-red therapy (in range 900 - 1200 nm) with low frequency modulation in range 0,01 - 100 Hz. Devices for brands of therapy are purchased separately on owners demand;
  • carry out induction therapy with 87 program. During such therapy frequency spectrum of human brain waves is used: alfa-rhythms, beta-rhythms, teta-rhythms and delta-rhythms;
  • perform resonance-frequency diagnostics and therapy of viruses, bacteria, elementary and helmints;
  • carry out different types of influence on chakra with color, sounds, perform therapy with mandals.

The software contains an extended reference data base for MRT (by nosologies, effects, organs, systems, meridians, etc.).

“IMEDIS Expert-Software"

The user-friendly operation of the "IMEDIS Expert" is realized by the "IMEDIS Expert-Software”. The software uses an integrated database where all relevant data of the clients are stored. The whole history of diagnostics and therapy may be recalled at any time.
The results of measurements are shown graphically or in tabular form and are automatically stored. This allows easy to back trace the dynamics of the energetic state of each client.

All therapy programs can be adapted individually by software-control and can be stored for re-use.

The"IMEDIS Expert-Software" runs under all current Windows operating systems.

Contents of delivery:

„IMEDIS Expert“apparatus, set of electrodes, test-probe, test-plate, container, set of cables, inductor, loop, belt, power supply unit, "IMEDIS Expert-Software" and instruction manual packed into a carrying case.

Further Information:

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is used for electro-, resonance-frequency-, magneto-, color- and infrared-stimulation.

The „Mini-Expert-T" allows to:

  • carry out electro-stimulation with pulses of varying frequency, amplitude and polarity;
  • carry out magneto-stimulation with the above-mentioned parameters;
  • carry out color- and infrared-stimulation;
  • conduct induction-stimulation with 90 preset programs. During such a stimulation the frequency spectrum of human brain waves is used;
  • perform resonance-frequency stimulation of viruses, bacteria, protozoa and helminths, fungi with 867 frequency programs;
  • realize resonance-frequency organotropic, nosological and symptomatic stimulation with the application of 1821 programs;
  • select and store up to 100 individual stimulation programs in nonvolatile memory, each including 100 possible steps (programs, frequencies).

The design of the „Mini-Expert-T" makes simultaneous connection of up to 4 stimulation-devices (electrodes, magneto-, color-, IR stimulation) possible.

The apparatus has digital indicators for displaying selected operation modes and stimulation-parameters such as: frequency, intensity, duration of stimulation, number of selected stimulation programs. The apparatus is equipped with sound indication accompanying the stimulation process.

Contents of delivery:

„IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T“ basic unit, set of electrodes, connecting cables, inductor, stimulation-loop and -belt, power supply unit and instruction manual packed into a carrying case.

Further Information:

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There is no medical claim for the usefulness of therapeutic capabilities!



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Authorization Certificate



IPP - Ing. Peter Peutler GmbH is certified and authorized representative of "IMEDIS - Center for Intellectual Medical Systems" (Moscow) in the European Community.

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IMEDIS equipment is intended to be used by medical doctors and/or health-practitioners. For a correct operation, the person should be familiar with methods of electro-acupunctural diagnostics and therapy (EAV, VRT and other).
All IMEDIS devices supplied by "IPP – Ing. Peter Peutler GmbH" are legalized, adapted and certified for the European Community and come with corresponding registration papers (CE - medical device certification; 93/42/EWG - CE 0636).
EC Medical Device Certificates are valid for EU-versions of IMEDIS devices only, which have registered serial numbers (please refer to the type label on the device).
EC Medical Device Certificates are NOT APPLICABLE IN GENERAL for other versions and production of IMEDIS devices!
EU-versions of IMEDIS devices differ from similar devices to fulfill required specifications!

IMEDIS EC-Certificates



EC-Verification Certificate No. EGIV-040420-055-01a, issued on 2004-08-09 by The European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636 for „Imedis Expert" device.



EC-Verification Certificate No. EGIV-110713-055-15, issued on 2011-10-05 by The European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636 for „Imedis Expert" device.

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EC-Verification Certificate No. EGIV-090626-096-01, issued on 2009-12-09 by The European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636 for „Mini-Expert-DT" device.



EC-Verification Certificate No. EGIV-050484-062-02a, issued on 2005-11-29 by The European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636 for „Mini-Expert-T" device.

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EC-Verification Certificate No. EGIV-120770-062-05, issued on 2012-12-19 by The European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636 for „Mini-Expert-T" device.

EC-Verification Certificate No. EGIV-150890-096-05, issued on 2015-03-31 by The European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636 for „Mini-Expert-DT" device.


including "IMEDIS Expert-Software" is designed for:

  • segmental bioelectric functional testing by biologically active zones (BAZ);
  • R. Voll's electropuncture testing by biologically active points (BAP);
  • "IMEDIS-TEST" vegetative resonance test (VRT), including testing of drug consumption;
  • R. Voll's electropuncture stimulation;
  • electro-, magneto-stimulation and other ...
  • preparation compatibility testing*).

*) The built-in electronic preparation selector of the device contains more than fifty thousand items of electronic simulations of homeopathic preparations, organopreparations, nosodes, and allergens.

The "Mini-Expert-DT" device also incorporates more than two thousand preset programs for induction-, resonance-frequency-, organotropic-, nosological- and symptomatic-stimulation. The apparatus enables the creation and storage of individual stimulation programs and users' groups of preparations.

The apparatus operates in the "stand alone" mode and via a PC under the control of the "IMEDIS Expert-Software". The "stand alone" operation is performed by means of the built-in multifunctional graphic display in a similar way as with the "IMEDIS Expert-Software".

The apparatus provides sound indication for searching and measuring BAP parameters.

The apparatus is powered from AC mains via a line adapter, or from four 1.2-1.5 V AA-type rechargeable batteries (not included in the standard delivery).

"IMEDIS Expert-Software"

The operation of the "IMEDIS Mini-Expert-DT" can also be realized by means of the "IMEDIS Expert-Software". The software uses an integrated data-base for the storage of client data and progress-history.
The testing results may be displayed as graphs or tables and are automatically stored; the stored data can be retrieved at any time for stimulation-control.
Specific stimulation-programs can be adapted and stored for re-use.

Contents of delivery:

„Mini-Expert-DT“ apparatus, basic accessories, power supply unit, "IMEDIS Expert-Software" and instruction manual packed into a carrying case..

Further Information:

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EC Testing Certificate ... [klick here]

There is no medical claim for the clinical usefulness of the measurement data, as well as to therapeutic capabilities!



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