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Apparatus for adaptive bioresonance therapy. Basic unit including accessories.


Apparatus for electro-, magnetic and color-therapy. Basic unit including accessories.


IMEDIS Mini-Expert-DT

Apparatus for electropunctural diagnostics and electro-, magnetic- and color-therapy by BAP and BAZ computer-controlled. Basic unit, accessories including  "IMEDIS Expert-Software".


IMEDIS Expert-Software

Supports operation of all systems, organizes card-index of patients, which stores data on patient, dates of visits, history, complaints and results of check-ups. There is possibility to print results of check-up and treatment in handy text and graphic form.


The systems IMEDIS Expert, Mini-Expert-DT and Mini-Expert-T are classified to be medical devices of class II a.
EC-Verification Certificates from the European Testing Institute of Medical Devices Graz (PMG), European Notified Body No. 0636. [more ...]