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IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T

is used for electro-, resonance-frequency-, magneto-, color- and infrared therapy.

The „IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T" allows to:

  • carry out electrotherapy with pulses of varying frequency, amplitude and polarity;
  • carry out magneto therapy with the above-mentioned parameters;
  • carry out color- and infrared-therapy;
  • conduct induction therapy with 90 preset programs. During such a therapy the frequency spectrum of human brain waves is used;
  • perform resonance-frequency diagnostics and therapy of viruses, bacteria, protozoa and helminths, fungi with 867 frequency programs;
  • realize resonance-frequency organotropic, nosological and symptomatic therapy with the application of 1821 programs;
  • select and store up to 100 individual therapy programs in nonvolatile memory, each including 100 possible steps (programs, frequencies).

The design of the „IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T" makes simultaneous connection of up to 4 therapy-devices (electrodes, magneto-, color-, IR therapy) possible.

The apparatus has digital indicators for displaying selected operation modes and therapy-parameters such as: frequency, intensity, duration of therapy, number of selected therapeutic programs. The apparatus is equipped with sound indication accompanying the therapy process.

Contents of delivery:

„IMEDIS Mini-Expert-T“ basic unit, set of electrodes, connecting cables, inductor, therapy-loop and -belt, power supply unit and instruction manual packed into a carrying case.

Further Information:

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